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SkinVive  by JUVÉDERM  in SLC,UT


At Viso Bespoke Aesthetics, we believe in a comprehensive approach to beauty treatments. SkinVive™ treatments are conducted with the utmost attention to detail and safety, using hyaluronic acid microdroplet injections that enhance your skin’s hydration and glow, without altering your facial contours.

SkinVive  at Viso Bespoke Aesthetics


Inna and her team are dedicated to positively impacting

lives through medical aesthetics. Whether it's addressing

facial asymmetries or enhancing natural beauty, we take

pride in each transformation that boosts confidence and

elevates well-being.

Embark on your journey to radiant skin with Viso Bespoke Aesthetics. Let Inna Prokopenko and her team guide you to a refreshed, glowing appearance that resonates with your unique beauty.

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o schedule your SkinVive™ consultation in SLC today.

SkinVive  by JUVÉDERM  ?

●     Clinically Proven Results: SkinVive™ by JUVÉDERM® is a testament to clinical advancement,               offering significant improvements in skin smoothness, hydration, and glow for everyone,                       regardless of skin type.

●     Tailored for Every Skin Type: Our approach is inclusive, ensuring that all skin tones receive the             utmost care and benefit from the glowing results of SkinVive™.

●     Efficiency and Convenience: Fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule, a typical SkinVive                  treatment session lasts only about 15 minutes, offering a swift yet impactful enhancement to              your natural beauty.


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Lips Dermal Filler

We provide free topical numbing cream before the treatment to make it as comfortable as possible. The results from SkinVive™ can last up to 6 months. Minimal downtime, mild swelling and bumpiness may last up to a few days. 

At Viso Bespoke Aesthetics, we strive to provide the best patient experience possible. Contact us at (801) 558-0870 to schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about our SkinVive™ options. Don't wait to achieve that perfect face you've always wanted.

What to expect?

Inna's profound knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics ensure that your SkinVive™ treatment is not just a procedure, but a transformative experience. Emphasizing a natural look, Inna works to highlight your inherent beauty with precision and care. 

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